Volunteer Opportunities

We are so grateful that you’re visiting the volunteer page and that you’re interested in service to the community.  Now that you’re here, we’d like to ask you to be more than a volunteer.  A volunteer does something out of the good of their heart, with no obligations attached. Instead, we’re offering you an opportunity to be a good steward. A steward is fulfilling his or her commitment to the Church.

Catholics stewardship is an important part of our faith. Stewardship is not just another program, nor is it easy. Christian stewardship is a way of life, it is a way to have a relationship with God. Grateful for God-given time, talents, and treasure, we believe it is our responsibility to recognize all the gifts we have been given, cultivate them, share them with others and improve upon them for the Lord. It is powerful to realize that everything, your life, your talents, your treasure, even your faith itself, is a gift from God and that he has trusted you to share and invest them wisely. It is this awesome trust and responsibility which calls us to live our lives as stewards. One of the many ways you can be a Christian steward is to give back to God through service to our parish community.